Offres d'emploi

Postdoc : Création de microsphères fonctionnelles

Création de microsphères pour des applications dans le domaine des sciences de la vie.

Postdoc : Micro-factory

Elaboration d'une micro unité de production de microsphères.

PhD: Single cell high-throughput measurements of cell surface receptors interactions

The hallmark of vaccination or infection is the presence of antigen-specific antibodies in circulation. Antibodies are produced by specific immune cells, B cells, but more than 95% of B cells do not secrete but only express their antibody at the cell surface, then called a B cell Receptor (BCR). However, methods to determine the interaction of a cell surface receptor for its ligand in a diverse cell population are lacking : our goal is therefore to develop single-cell high-throughput measurements of cell surface receptors interactions with soluble ligands, using droplets microfluidics.

Real-time adaptation of single cells to genetic changes and implications for bioprocesses

The way living cells adapt to mutations is complex, dynamic and heterogeneous. It is also a fundamental process of natural evolution which can be artificially applied to improve the yields of industrial bioprocesses. We propose to exploit two technological developments (one from biology and one from physical-chemistry) that, when combined together, have the potential to monitor the phenotype of individual de novo mutant cells, in real time and at very high throughput. This development can in principle have wide applications in biology. By using it on yeast cells, we expect to reveal fine-scale properties of a basic evolutionary force (the spectrum of phenotypic possibilities generated by mutations) and to describe metabolic burden (a natural limitation of bioproduction) at unprecedented resolution.