Offres d'emploi

Master internship + PhD: Design an flow properties of hydrogel-based granular materials

The main objectives are to formulate hydrogel beads or capsules and to make a link with their flow properties.

Monitoring Microorganisms Metabolic Heterogeneity

Postdoctoral position in Microbiology and Microfluidics.

Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 based on circulating trophoblastic cells

Postdoctoral position in Molecular Biology and Microfluidics.

Internship : Functional analysis of soil microorganisms using microfluidics

During this internship, you will work on agricultural soil microorganisms, using microfluidics and other relevant techniques. Thanks to miniaturization and automation, we are able to study soil microbiota from a functional, application-driven perspective. The precise aim of this internship is to determine which microbes, without identifying them, from a given soil sample can be useful at fixing dinitrogen, solubilizing phosphorus, combating plants pathogens etc.